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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

CD Benefits & Features Include:

Investing in a Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a low risk way to earn interest on your money. In return for your deposit for a specific term, you will earn a guaranteed return. Whether you’re saving for the short or long-term, Mohave State Bank has a variety of terms that will help you meet your investment goal!


Guaranteed Growth

With fixed terms and interest rates your return is guaranteed as long as contract terms are fulfilled.


CDs are FDIC insured, which means your investments are safe.

Variety of Terms

Choose terms from 32 days to five years.

Easy Management

After your CD matures, your Personal Banker can help you renew, reinvest, make additional deposits, or close and transfer funds.

Competitive Rates

Check with your Personal Banker for current rates.


How To Open

Open by visiting your local branch and talking with a Personal Banker.

Have questions or need more help? Call or visit your local branch.