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Home Equity Line of Credit

To apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit:

1. Download and read:
Home Equity Lines of Credit Brochure ENGLISH

2.  Download and use the Home Equity Lines of Credit Application and Document Checklist for submitting necessary documentation.

3. Download, complete and submit the following forms to your Mohave State Bank mortgage banker:
HELOC MSB Joint Loan Application Form
HELOC MSB Borrower Authorization Form

4.  Read Mohave State Bank’s Privacy Notice.

5. Read the Home Equity Line of Credit Disclosure below and click the acknowledge and continue buttons at the bottom of this page to be directed to the home loan application page.


I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Disclosure, and attached exhibits (if any are referenced), along with a copy of the Home Equity Lines of Credit Brochure. I further acknowledge that I must qualify for the proposed loan, and that if I do not qualify, my loan will not be approved to close.