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eStatement Disclosure

eStatement Disclosure

1. To receive text only eStatements, you must have a connection to the Internet, email capability and an ability to open Portable Document Format (.pdf) files with Adobe Reader.

2. You agree that we may provide you with any Communications in electronic format, and that we may discontinue sending paper Communications to you, unless and until you withdraw your consent as described below. Your consent to receive electronic communications and transactions includes, but is not limited to:

• All legal and regulatory disclosures and communications associated with the Account or the product or service available through the Online Service for your Account. As an example, Mohave State Bank may send by e-mail legally required notification of changes to terms and conditions related to the Online Service.

• Notices or disclosures about a change in the terms of your Account or associated payment feature and responses to claims.

• Privacy policies and notices.

• Monthly (or other periodic) billing or account statements for your Account(s) or such other Communications we may include from time to time as part of the enrollment in the Paperless Statements program (“Paperless Statements”).

3. You may change your email address at any time by clicking on the Change Options menu option from within the online banking service and entering your email address in the Email field.

4. At the time of text only eStatements enrollment, you agree to provide us with an email address and a password is needed to access your account information.

5. We will send you an email notification when your text only eStatement is available to view. You are responsible for updating your email address. You are responsible for logging in periodically to view your text only eStatements.

6. If the minimum hardware or software requirements change, we will send you a description of the new hardware and software requirements to the email address you provided. If you are unable to receive text only eStatements you must notify the bank at the address below.

7. In the event you wish to cancel the text only eStatement service, you may write us at the address provided below or email us at Upon withdrawal, the documents will be sent in paper form to your address of record.

8. The Bank may terminate or suspend the text only eStatement Service to you at any time. Neither termination nor suspension shall affect your liability or obligations under this Agreement. You may terminate this agreement at any time by providing written notice. We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement immediately, with or without cause, upon providing notice of such termination to you. Any termination of this Agreement shall not affect any of your obligations arising prior to such termination, including but not limited to any indemnification obligation that relates to action or inaction taken prior to termination.

9. Upon termination of text only eStatements, by you or by us, a new enrollment will be required to reinstate this service.

10. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States and by the internal laws (but not the Law of Conflicts) of the State of Arizona to the extent applicable and by regulations of any governmental agency having jurisdiction over us. A determination that any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable or invalid shall not render any other provision of this Agreement unenforceable or invalid.

11. This Agreement supplements any other agreements or disclosures related to your account(s). If there is a conflict between this Agreement and any others, or any statements made by employees or agents, the Deposit Agreement shall supersede.

12. To order a printed copy of your statement, contact your local branch by mail or phone at the addresses listed below. There will be a fee of $5.00 per statement copy if less than one year old or $10.00 per statement copy if over one year old.

Mailing Address:
Mohave State Bank
P.O. Box 2310
Lake Havasu City
AZ 86405

Lake Havasu City
Main Branch:
1771 McCulloch Blvd.
Lake Havasu City
AZ 86403
Phone: (928) 855-0000

North Branch:
1021 N. Lake Havasu Ave.
Lake Havasu City
AZ 86403
Phone: (928) 453-0000

Hualapai Branch:
2202 Hualapai Mtn. Rd.
AZ 86401
Phone: (928) 753-0000

Stockton Hill Branch:
3737 Stockton Hill Rd.
AZ 86409
Phone: (928) 692-9200

Bullhead City
3651 Highway 95
Bullhead City
AZ 86442
Phone: (928) 704-0000

1800 S. 4th Ave.
AZ 85364
Phone: (928) 344-8822